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Based on the incredible true story of Negro league baseball this new
ensemble play takes an intimate look at an often over-looked moment in history. During it’s peak Negro
league baseball was an organization worth millions of dollars and then almost overnight it was all but

destroyed. “BlackBalled” follows the stories of the owners who helped pioneer one of the largest African-
American enterprises in history. Effa Manley, the first and thus far only woman inducted into the baseball

hall of fame. Cumberland Posey, the only man to be inducted into both the baseball & basketball hall of
fame. Gus Greenlee, the first African-American to own his own professional baseball field. Jackie
Robinson, the first African-American to break the infamous color barrier of major league baseball. All of
these people come together to tell this amazing story detailing the rise and fall of Negro league baseball.


This is an original play written by Matthew Robinsonson.  Matthew is also the director and producer for the show's World Premeire at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.


The original cast includes Robby DeVillez, Asia Pitts, David Cork, Twon Pope, and Alex Skinner.

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