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Mary's Medicine

An ensemble biography following the true story of the all but forgotten war nurse and hero Mary Seacole. A black nurse from Jamaica; Mary (Amy Argyle) set out to prove herself in the field of medicine. Becoming both a person of business and nursing she would set up an outfit in Panama that would lead her on amazing adventures. These adventures would have her crossing paths with American prospectors, British soldiers and even Florence Nightingale. Facing many obstacles such as hurtful rumors, deadly diseases, bigotry, sexism and accusations against her “controversial” methods Mary will have to continually struggle to prove herself.


“I made up my mind, if the army needed nurses they’d be glad to have me!” with tenacity, grit and wit to match Mary was a true character whom time has forgotten about for far too long. “Mary’s Medicine” at last brings this incredible story to life.


This is an original play written by Matthew Robinsonson.  Matthew is also the director and producer for the show's World Premeire at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival.


The original cast includes Amye Agryle, Twon Pope, Alex Leonard, Emily Martz, Francesca Gámez, Alycia Lourim, and Robby DeVillez




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