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Hollywood Fringe Best Comedy 2019!


Winner of Best Comedy!

PIck of the Fringe!

Encore Award!

A completely sold out run!


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Matthew Robinson is the playwright of Olivia Wilde Does Not Survive the Apocalypse.  This is Matthew's fourth produced play at the Hollywood Fringe proceeding Politically ChallengedMary's Medicine, and most recently Blackballed.  Matthew is super pumped to show off his silly side with this post-apocalyptic comedy!  How did he come up with this crazy idea?  Well one day he had a really.  Now his dreams, or more appropriately nightmares, will come true this June, so don't miss it!


Robby DeVillez is the director of Olivia Wilde Does Not Survive the Apocalypse.  This will be Robby's directorial debut for a feature length play!  His most recent experience directing theatre was the comedic short by The Invertention, written by Crystal Smith-Connelly.  

Robby has experience directing a bunch of sketch comedy, UCB trained, and daily goof-ball.  "I was over the moon when Matthew asked me to direct this show.  I couldn't ask for a better original show to make my directorial Fringe debut.  Thanks buddy!"

Robby has also produced Politically ChallengedMary's Medicine, and Blackballed  along with Matthew.

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